Frequently Asked Questions is the independent contractor division of International Vacations, Inc.. International Vacations, Inc. is the actual host agency.

Thirty seven years ago, John Przywara left the Dallas Police Vice Squad and entered the travel industry by organizing ski trips for his fellow police officers and thus a hobby grew into a business. From modest beginnings in 1978, the company expanded to become a powerful force in the wholesale and consolidator sector of the industry. In 1997, Przywara joined with four other companies to form Travel Services International, Inc. and created one of the largest single-source leisure travel companies in the US. Travel Services International, Inc. (TSI) went public on the NASDAQ and raised $32,550,000 as proceeds to the company, and then embarked on an aggressive campaign to acquire additional companies. In April of 2000, Travel Services International, Inc. was acquired by United Kingdom based My Travel, PLC (formerly Air Tours, PLC) for $360,000,000.

John Przywara left D-FW Tours (see "About Us") to further expand in the wholesale and consolidation industry with his purchase of International He is bringing with him his reputation and 37 years experience in the wholesale travel industry to expand International Vacations, Inc. to offer wholesale / consolidator travel to destinations worldwide. In addition to consolidator fares, the company will also offer Full Inclusive Tours (air / hotel) packages to select destinations including Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Caribbean Islands, South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Luxury and Business Class travel are a specialty.

Many former D-FW Tours employees have joined John Przywara in key positions at International Vacations, Inc. The company is owned by John Przywara. "I am extremely excited to be working again as an entrepreneur and not within a large corporation. I want to have the flexibility to respond quickly to industry changes and I want my employees to prosper and share in the wealth of a progressive organization. This company will provide new employment opportunities in the travel industry".

The Dallas call center is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST Monday through Friday offering superior customer service with highly trained employees in the wholesale travel

Once we have received your application we will contact you immediately to speak to you about your home based travel business. Upon completion of this due diligence conversation it takes 1 business day to get you set up after approval. We will not process your payment until this step is completed.

New agents : $0 - $2,999: 50% of commissions received
Agents earning $2,500+ : 60% of commissions received
Agents earning $5,000+ : 70% of commissions received
Agents earning $10,000+ : 80% of commissions received
Agents earning $20,000+ : 90% of commissions received
(Once you have achieved a commission level during one full year you remain at that level)

This program is designed for the individual who wishes to own a home based travel business that earns commission on travel sales. In addition our independent agents can take advantage of savings offered on hotels, condos, cars, cruise rewards and vacation packages. As a new independent home based agent you operate your own business, set your own days and hours to work and earn income on what you sell. As an independent home based agent you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. We do not deduct any taxes from your earnings so you are responsible to report and pay you own taxes,

No, you are free to work with as many host organizations that you wish.

Our mission statement says it all. We are committed to bringing new agents into the travel business on a one on one basis to help reverse the decline in the number of trained agents in the United States. Experienced agents will find the comfort of being part of the family rather than just a number. Our operating costs are lower than most Host Agencies because we practice what we preach. All of our support staff work from home and are composed of a group of our most experienced agents that have joined as inside staff. Also we have the unique position of 37 years experience as a wholesaler / consolidator that allows us to communicate and negotiate with suppliers for the benefit of all of our agents. Most host agencies are retail based and do not have the wholesale experience offered by International Vacations, Inc.

For more information, simply email or call (800) 727-0352. Or if you’re ready to sign up now, just click on the “Join Now” tab on this site and complete the online application. Once we have received your application we will contact you immediately to speak to you about your home based travel business.

There are no productivity requirements. You are running your own business and are free to work and earn as much as you wish. You may enjoy the use of your own personal benefits even if you have not made any sales. It’s totally up to you.


30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Plus- You can cancel at any time during your first year, no questions asked and we will refund you the pro-rated amount for the number of months remaining on your agreement. No other company is willing to make this offer.

You are an Independent Contractor. Working with means you are a self-employed business person and will be issued a 1099 form annually. You are responsible for paying your own taxes as we do not withhold taxes from your commission payments. .

We’re a member of the relevant industry organizations such as ARC, IATA, and IATAN. We are also a member of the consortium.

The standard commission paid new agents is 50% of the commission revenue received. Experienced agents with a proven client base generating commissions in excess of $2,500 per year an up - commissions will be earned at the rate between 60% to 90% of commission revenue received. Travel suppliers typically pay commissions 30-60 days after completion of travel.

You may sell any type of travel with any supplier you wish. Some preferred suppliers offer higher sales commissions than others but you are able to choose the ones with whom you wish to do business with at any time. We are a full service travel company and an equal opportunity host agency. The airlines stopped paying commission on airline tickets in 1995 so frankly there is no benefit to your selling airfare unless it is part of a pre-packaged vacation.

Simply fill out the application or call us and we will be happy to help you. You are certainly welcome to be a member of more than one host company if you feel the need.

We recommend that you speak with your tax adviser. In general, the IRS lets self-employed people deduct ordinary business expenses such as your setup fee, computer, telephone, office furniture, advertising expenses, office supplies, etc.

Normal business hours for support are Monday-Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm(central standard time). You will also have access to an after-hours emergency number for previously confirmed reservations.

Yes. We will cover for you when you’re away from the office and you will be able to earn a commission. Simply give your client our toll free number to call us direct.

No. International Vacations, Inc. is a pure host agency with no MLM or network marketing components.

Sabre is our GDS system and is offered to experienced Sabre trained agents. No GDS training is necessary to be a home based travel agent.

Yes you earn the same rate of commission on your own bookings as well. In addition we offer savings on a suite of travel benefits to the agent and their immediate family living in the same household (special savings benefits are non-commissionable and are offered at cost). Accounting support includes commission tracking and payments located in your password protected back office. Most payments go directly to the suppliers however International Vacations, Inc offers merchant processing for your clients paying by credit card also.

No. Most home based travel agents have never been in the travel business before and come from all walks of life. Most have a desire for additional income and to enjoy the travel savings for their personal travel from being in the business. Our model is quite simple…you find the clients, qualify what type of travel product they want and then you send them to us…we do the rest. Most of our agents use this as a second source of income without being chained to a desk. Many are retired and looking for a fulfilling experience for their spare time.

No. This opportunity is simply an independent agent relationship. Independent Home Based Agent Buyer is and at all times will remain an independent contractor in performing its duties as a non-exclusive, independent Buyer of Service Provider. This Agreement does not create a joint venture, partnership or association.

While it is not necessary, incorporating your business offers many benefits and limitations of liability and is recommended.

No but some states have separate sellers of travel laws that may apply and we will discuss this with you prior to approval of your application. Also, only US citizens or legal residents of the United States may be accepted into this program. Proof of citizenship or residency will be required prior to approval.

All our agents are home based. All you need is a phone, email address and a desire to sell travel.

Certainly, it’s your business and there are no quotas to remain in the program.

Our inside support agents will not only do everything for you but will be happy to explain the process for each reservation as a learning experience. We offer you unlimited online and toll free phone support.

Yes and we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Yes, accounting support includes commission tracking and payments located in your password protected back office. Most payments go directly to the suppliers however International Vacations, Inc offers merchant processing for your clients paying by credit card also.

Yes, we pay a one-time $50 referral fee to any of our Independent Agents who send a referral to us that is approved. The only exception to this rule is for Veterans and First Responders that receive a discount on their first year fee.

As a Host Agency we carry all of those licenses and you are working as an independent agent for us. Plus we are doing all of the reservations for you. You just bring in the clients.

Yes. You can use your name or International Vacations, Inc.

Each card has separate criteria to qualify for membership. The most basic requirement for each is that you earn a minimum of $5,000 or more in commissions in a year for the IATAN card. For the CLIA card the basic level is earning $5,000 or more in cruise commission in a year. Please see the web sites for either organization for additional up to date rules.

Yes you will receive a password protected back office site to view your bookings and commissions earned and paid. This private area is where you will access your agent discounts. The automated hotel and condo engines will have a separate pin code for access. Never share this pin code with anyone outside your immediate family as these are membership only rates.

Be a International Vacations Home Based Travel Agent and get the Competitive Edge You Need to Succeed